Brits will eat an impressive 250 million roast potatoes at Christmas, reveals survey

Brits will consume roasties, 264 million slices of turkey and 208 million boxes of chocolates this festive period

The nation will consume a collective 250 million roast potatoes, 264 million slices of turkey – and 208 million boxes of chocolates this Christmas, a study has found.

Research of 2,000 adults who celebrate the festive season – an estimated 46,380,221 across the UK – found they’ll also get through nearly five portions of cheese each – which adds up to a staggering 217,987,038 in total.

More than 250 million sprouts will go down the nation’s hatches, alongside 162 million portions of Christmas pudding, from December 1 to January 1.

Festive roasts will also be washed down with more than 255 million ladles of gravy, and more than 366 million glasses of wine.

Christmas-lovers will also collectively drink nearly 200 million cosy cups of hot chocolate – and more than 287 million mince pies.

And perhaps as a result of all the food and drink bought in the festive period, 68 per cent admit they tend to overindulge when Christmas comes around.

A spokesperson for Boursin, which commissioned the research, said: “A lot of food is consumed during the Christmas period and, for many, that and enjoying time with loved ones is what the season is all about.

“But it’s important, as it is all year round, to try and get creative with leftovers to ensure as little food as possible goes to waste.”

The study found that one in three of the adults polled cite eating Christmas dinner leftovers as their favourite part of the festive season.

They expect to wolf down no fewer than three dinners each on average over the month of December and attend a further two Christmas parties.

But, accordingly to the OnePoll figures, nearly half (48 per cent) admit they tend to over-buy when they’re stocking up on festive food and drink.

And despite a huge 72 per cent claiming they would like to be ‘savvier’ and waste less, nearly a quarter will end up throwing uneaten food away.

While four in 10 of those polled said they don’t like wasting food at Christmas – but feel they have ‘no choice’.

Boursin’s spokesperson added: “People are increasingly committed to combatting food waste, but inspiration and time can be real barriers to achieving this goal.

“That’s why we’re delighted to partner with FoodCycle and chef Kenny Tutt to raise awareness and funds for a great cause through our “You Create, We donate” campaign.

“By getting creative in the kitchen we can work to reduce food waste, feed communities and free up more of our precious Christmastime to focus on what’s important.

British cook and MasterChef winner, Kenny Tutt, added: “Getting creative doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen. It’s about finding tasty tricks and simple solutions to combat waste.

“I’ve always felt passionately about the role food plays in bringing people together and the fantastic work FoodCyle are doing epitomizes that.”

Boursin is encouraging consumers to get creative with their leftovers and will donate £5 to FoodCycle for every dish shared on social media tagging @BoursinUK and using the hashtag #youcreatewedonate.


Roast potatoes – 250,453,193
Slices of turkey – 264,367,259
Slices of cooked ham – 199,434,950
Ladles of gravy – 255,091,215
Slices of beef – 176,244,839
Curry/ stews – 157,692,751
Slivers of smoked salmon – 153,054,729
Brussel sprouts – 255,091,215
Carrots – 292,195,392
Portions of peas – 278,281,326
Parsnips – 194,796,928
Portions of cauliflower cheese – 148,416,707
Boxes of chocolate – 208,710,994
Slices of cheese – 310,747,480
Portions of cheese e.g., wedges/wheels – 217,987,038
Crackers/ savoury biscuits – 320,023,524
Sweet biscuits – 329,299,569
Portions of Christmas pudding – 162,330,773
Portions of yule log – 157,692,751
Mince pies – 287,557,370
Stuffing balls – 213,349,016
Glasses of wine – 366,403,745
Glasses of mulled wine – 157,692,751
Glasses of sherry – 134,502,640
Bottles of beer – 269,005,281
Hot chocolate drinks – 199,434,950